Race Day – Anxiety

Gotta love Active.com and their awesome articles.

The latest article I read is very timely “5 Ways to Beat Anxiety on Race Day

Iron Girl Half Marathon

It’s great timing because Sunday April 10, 2011 I’m attempting my very first half marathon. The Iron Girl Half in Clearwater.

Am I thrilled? Yes.

Am I anxious? Yes.

So, nicely timed.

While the tips are good, they don’t exactly apply to me.

See, up until about 6 weeks ago – no kidding – I was convinced I’m not a runner. I have a degenerating bone disease in my lower back which causes all kinds of low back pain. Basically, I’ve told myself I can’t run for years now.

Then, one day, I did.

My friends are into running and, to be honest, I wanted to be in the club.

Listening to them talk about how far they’d gone that day and their next goals while being excited and motivated really got to me.

Races? That sounds awesome. I’ve always wanted to attempt a 5k.

So I did. I ran the 5k and was happy with myself. So happy, in fact, the next evening I went out a ran 10k just to see if I could.

That was about a month ago.

Since then, I’ve logged 70 miles and bought new shoes.

And now, this weekend, I’m attempting a half marathon. Just to see if I can do it.

Have I trained enough to rely on my training? Probably not.

I did put in 10 miles last weekend just to see how it felt. AWESOME!

I did have slight swelling in my knees, not visible. I was fine the next day. No soreness.

The only true effect I felt was ravenous hunger and I hit a wall about 5 hours after completing the run. I blame Ikea 😉 Try going there without enough energy, it’ll get you every time!

So, I know I can run 10 miles. I’m fairly confident I can pull off 3 more.

Do I have race day anxiety? Yes.

Will that deter me from finishing? Nope.

I’ve got my son and boyfriend to cheer me on. Both believe I can finish it. So do I.

I’m ready, Iron Girl!

See you early, before it’s even thinking of being bright, Sunday morning.