Significance of Pain

Not all Pain is Significant ~ Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run

The moment I read this quote the reality of it’s truth stuck with me. A lot of painful things happen in our lives, every day even! But it’s not all significant.

The application of this quote is used loosely in the context of ultrarunning. I say “loosely” because the book and the pain endured throughout it, are more about life than anything else. The stories are just wrapped in the blistered, sweat-stained, laughter-laced blanket that is ultrarunning.

I strongly believe that the right kind of pain can lead to great things. Whether that pain is muscle fibers tearing during a tough workout or grueling training run, or if it’s the soul-sucking pain of a dead-end job, it can change things.

Without pain, we grow comfortable. Comfort is fine, but it doesn’t change you.

If you want, or need, change, it won’t be comfortable. However, it might be just what you need.