#MarathonTraining, #NYCMarathon, Er…Strength Training

If you’ve met me, you know I’m training for the #NYCMarathon. You’ll also know that I did not run a qualifying time to get my placement. I mean, look at these requirements!

Yeah, no.

So what did I do? I did what 80,000+ people did and entered the lotto. According to the Runner’s World article New York City Marathon Lottery by the Numbers I was one of 14,326 people chosen through the lottery. That’s a 5.5% chance. I honestly believed it would be years before I was chosen so, this was a fun and unexpected expense (my husband is from NY so it’s a fun way to visit friends & family! <- spin it however you can).

So anyway, what does that have to do with strength training?


Here’s why. Running the NYC Marathon is a “bucket list” marathon, so it HAS to go well. Anyone who’s run a distance race knows anything can go wrong. I already expect colder weather than I can train in. I spoke with a client from New York today who said it was bound to be cold and WET. Ugh. Ok.

So, training involves as much actual running as is in my very specific schedule PLUS stretching and strength training.

Here’s what I’m doing 2-3 times per week (yes, every 3 days would be better) to strengthen the other muscles necessary for running these endurance races.

One Legged Deadlift

No lie, this one seems super simple until you’re doing it. It’s pretty much my favorite balance/strength exercise.

Lateral Lunge

Fantastic because, as runners, we move primarily in the sagittal plane. This frontal plane movement, with or without weights, definitely activates additional and necessary muscles.

Kettlebell Swings

AKA deadlift and front swing. I LOVE these! Perfection for muti-muscle use, warm ups, and actual workouts. ❤

Side Leg Raises

Honestly, it’s dumb how tough these get as you increase reps.

Know what that means?

Do them more often.

Side Hip Raises

Again, working in a different plane of motion helps. Plus, regardless of what you think, core stuff effects all the other stuff. Do it.


Activate those glutes!!!

Push Ups

This dude is fierce!

Whether you’re on his level or need to modify, don’t neglect your upper body. As a runner you use your arms and core more often than you may realize.

Knee Tucks

I love/hate these as much as burpees.

On the plus side, these haven’t caused any lasting distress (I get shin splints and wonky IT band syndrome after too many burpees – it means I’m imbalanced, I’m working on correcting that).

If you’re curious where and when to start on these, hit me up! We can talk and discuss where to begin and define a plan for progression.