Fit & Healthy Vacation – How to Stay Motivated

I’m going on vacation (hooray!). This has me thinking about how to ensure I stick with my (new, more difficult) marathon training plan.

So, how to stay on task when the temptations of vacation are staring you in the face?

J/K Vacations Rock

Make an Exercise Plan

Don’t wait until you’re on the mat. Have a plan!

Before you load the car, board the plane, or check out for your staycation, make a plan.Schedule a what and a when. This could be where you’ll get your runs in, which classes you’ll take, or the equipment-free/no-excuse workouts you’re going to do.

Here’s what my week looks like as an example.

  • Sunday – 6 easy miles
  • Monday – Travel/Rest
  • Tuesday – XT. Write a bodyweight workout I can do on the grass.
  • Wednesday – 6 miles (Yasso 800s).
    • Monday or Tuesday I’ll find and mark out an 800 meter spot so no excuses Wednesday. There’s a golf course and a couple of long roads available to choose from.
  • Thursday – XT. Either do my bodyweight bootcamp or join a class. Unfortunately the class schedule isn’t posted online, so I have my bootcamp as a back up.
  • Friday – XT or Rest. Also, travel day. This is the only day I don’t have planned.

Pinterest, Youtube, and Google in general are fantastic resources for finding workouts you can do in your hotel, on the beach, or in the backyard. No excuses!

Make a Food Plan


How many times have I heard someone say, “I need to lose 10 lbs before my cruise…because I know I’ll gain 10 lbs on my cruise”? Without fail, this baffles me. Additionally, this is not the type of “food plan” I’m referring to.

Whenever we’re away from home (and our kitchens) we tend to indulge. Or at the very least, eat restaurant and prepared food more than usual. If you can, pack healthy (or even healthy-ish) snacks to take with you. It’ll be better than having a “Dude, you need a Snickers” moment. If you’re able, consider bringing a griddle. I am. Plus, some pancake mix and I’m looking for a local shop within walking distance to get a couple of fresh groceries. Do I want to cook everyday? Meh. Would I rather save $30+ over the on-sight options PLUS who-knows-how-many calories? Yes, thank you. Plus, a griddle is mostly flat and easy to clean. Score.

The griddle works in hotels, at most campsites, and in your best friend’s NY studio apartment. Hey, I don’t know what they’re working with, they’re your best friend. Look, there’s a ton of options that aren’t tough, look at all the options!

If you’re staying at a HomeAway/VRBO type location, even bigger score. FULL KITCHEN, WOOHOO!

Walk, Everywhere


Skip the Segway tours and use more common sense than the average Pokemon Go! player and you should be fine.

Pack comfy shoes, socks, a blister kit, and a water bottle. In many cases, you should be covered.

Obviously, if you’re rheumatoid arthritis is acting up or there’s an alley full of Joker impersonators, adjust walking plans accordingly.

Don’t Drink (All) Your Calories

Everyone has their limits. Take a break from the chaos before you get here, ok? I care about you & want you to have a good vacation.

Look, I get it. But!

Did you know:

Frozen Margarita (12 oz)
675 calories, 0 g fat, 83 g sugars
Calorie Equivalent: 11 Entenmann’s Pop’Ems Powdered Donuts!

So, you know, don’t make a day of it.

Get the Family Involved

Seriously, kid won Top 3 during his first race. 

A lot of us use vacations as a time to reconnect with loved ones without the hassle of daily work and obligations. Whether it’s time away from clients, emails or the dirty floor (I swear I just mopped!), it’s a nice break. That doesn’t mean fitness can’t also be a priority.

Snorkeling, kayaking, sight-seeing, walking around a golf course or amusement park, hiking, even a family friendly “bootcamp” on the beach can be fun. I anticipate inviting my husband and son to my bootcamp. If they don’t bite, I’ll definitely have a few, fun challenges at the ready:

  • Most push ups
  • Longest long jump
  • Fastest sprint
  • Most jumping jacks
  • Burpees!

Winner gets to choose the next activity or gets to pass on the next challenge 😉

Mix it up, make it fun, and you CAN stay fit and healthy during vacations.

So, what are you’re tips and tricks for a healthy(ish) vacation?